Business objects

Сlasses listed below are business objects that serve as the elements of the data sharing (exchange).

  Cib.DataLayer.Address    Serves for data transmission on addresses
  Cib.DataLayer.AddressType   "Address Type" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.CibError   "CIB Errors” directory entry 
  Cib.DataLayer.Company   Company / legal entity
  Cib.DataLayer.CompanyCreditHistory   Credit history for a company
  Cib.DataLayer.CompanyKolokol   Kolokol (Alert) for company (legal entity)
  Cib.DataLayer.CompanyRequest   Request information for company
  Cib.DataLayer.Country   "Countries" ISO3166 directory entry 
  Cib.DataLayer.Credit   Serves for transmission of information on the CIB credit
  Cib.DataLayer.CreditPreview   Serves for preview of credit
  Cib.DataLayer.CreditStatusEx   "Credit Status" directory entry 
  Cib.DataLayer.CreditType   "Credit type" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Currency   “Currency” ISO4217A directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Debtor   Serves for data transmission on an individual - borrower
  Cib.DataLayer.DebtorIp   Serves for transmitting information on borrowers IE (Individual entrepreneurs)
  Cib.DataLayer.DebtorUL   Serves for transmitting information on borrowers legal entities
  Cib.DataLayer.Document   Identification Document
  Cib.DataLayer.DocumentType   "Document Type" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.FCU   Serves for transmitting information on FCI and its branch
  Cib.DataLayer.FCUStatistic   Class of statistics review on requests, replenishments and kolokol
  Cib.DataLayer.GKED   Type of economic activity (GCEA) directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Guarantee   Serves for transmitting information on credit security
  Cib.DataLayer.GuaranteeType   "Type of credit collateral" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Guarantor   Serves for data transmission on the individual guarantor
  Cib.DataLayer.GuarantorUL   Serves for data transmission on guarantors of legal entities
  Cib.DataLayer.GuarantStatus   "Guarantor’s Status" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.OrgForm   "Organizational form" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Person   Person / physical body
  Cib.DataLayer.PersonCreditHistory   Credit history per person
  Cib.DataLayer.PersonKolokol   Kolokol (Alert) for person (person)
  Cib.DataLayer.PersonRequest   Request per person
  Cib.DataLayer.RepayStatus   "Repayment Status" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.SettlementObjectType   "Object Type in the locality" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Sex   "Floor" directory entry
  Cib.DataLayer.Soato   "Human Settlements" COATO directory entry (for presentation of a region, district or locality)
  Cib.DataLayer.VerificationInfoState   Class describing the state of object’s verification
  Cib.DataLayer.VerifycationInfo   Carries information about verification of the object (person or company)