Business partnership

Business partnership means cooperation exclusively within the framework of the credit information exchange on the basis of the civil contract. 

Your benefits and advantages:

•    Conformity with the international risk assessment standards;
•    Minimize risks in lending to the individuals and legal entities;
•    Improve the capacity of determining optimal credit limits to the potential borrowers;
•    A more effective decision making process for the loan disbursement;
•    Reduction of the risk of providing credit funds to the problem client;
•    Minimize the provision of parallel loans and the risk of over indebtedness, accordingly; 
•    Improve the quality and diversification of the credit portfolio on the basis of special products offered by Credit bureau;
•    Increase of profits;
•    Investor attractiveness.

Main responsibilities of business partners under the Agreement are summarized below:

•    get a written consent from borrowers to provide / receive information on credits to / from the Credit bureau database;
•    identify one or more persons responsible for providing / receiving information on credits;
•    provide correct information about all active borrowers;
•    ensure protection of information on borrowers, which was obtained from the Credit bureau database, from unauthorized disclosure and / or abuse.

FCI and other legal entities subject to credit risks can be business partners of Credit bureau, which are interested in the development of financial and credit relations and improvement of the credit system, particularly banking and non-banking institutions.

How to become a business partner of Credit bureau:

  • present documents according to the approved list.

List of documents for legal entities


Please use the link "contacts" if you are a business with credit risk and want to become a member of the data sharing system.