Credit report

Credit report (Inquiry) - Report on the subject of credit history which contains information about financial condition of a client, his/her payment behavior (credit amount, credit term, date of issue, expiration date, outstanding credit, amount of overdue credits, etc.).

The credit report will allow FCI to minimize risks in attracting new borrowers and issuing additional credits to current ones, and promptly decide on the issuance or non-issuance of the credit. The  Association database contains over 1.6 million credit histories.

The credit report contains:
"Personal Information of SCI" block   data about a borrower, enabling to identify of hi/her personality;
"Request History" block   information on the number of requests to the Bureau on this subject. This data will determine how often the requests on this subject were             carried out by other organizations, which may indirectly evidence of fraud on the part of this subject;
"Credit history" block    information on all credits of the borrower (date of issue, credit type, credit amount, debt amount etc.), past due obligations, payments of              borrowers.