Credit report

Credit report (Inquiry) - contains information about past and current loans, their amounts, how the repayment took place, information about debts and arrears.).

The credit report will allow FCI to minimize risks in attracting new borrowers and issuing additional credits to current ones, and promptly decide on the issuance or non-issuance of the credit. The Credit bureau database contains over 2.2 million credit histories.

The credit report contains:

The main panel is a summary of all the information. It can be used by financial institutions as a quick guide to assessing the risk of an entity.

Personal information - displays all the basic identification information about the subject, which may be needed by the user of the report on confirming the identity of the borrower or applicant (names, addresses, contact information, identification documents, other personal information).

Loans - detailed information on contracts in which the entity acts as a borrower or guarantor (type of loan, amount and balance of the loan, information on delinquency, etc.)