Credit report for individual / individual entrepreneur

A credit report reflects information about a credit history at the time of request.

The credit history contains information about completed and current liabilities of an individual / IE, and also reflects the execution of the terms of the credit agreement by him/her. The credit history is not a black list. It gets credits, irrespective of whether they are paid on time or with a delay.

The source of information acquisition in the credit history: credit institution (banks, MFIs) - credit information sharing participants. The data is transmitted to the Association database only with the consent of the subject of credit history (SCH).

The credit report contains:

The "SCH personal Information" block

data about the SCI enabling to identify his/her personality​;


The "Request History" block

information on the number of requests to the Bureau in terms of SCH. The data will allow to determine how often the requests on this subject had been carried out by other organizations​.


The "Credit history" block

information on all the credits of SCH (date of issue, credit type, credit amount, debt amount etc.) for overdue obligations, payments of SCH.


The information in the Association database is constantly updated and therefore credit reports are only valid at the time of their formation.

The credit report


To obtain a credit report in the office of Association, an individual / IE, or a trustee acting on the basis of issued notarized power of attorney (hereinafter - Attorney), must provide relevant documents (see. Checklist) and fill out an application for the credit report. Preparing the report takes from one to three days. The credit report will be issued to an individual / IP personally or attorney only upon presentation of the original identity document (passport). 

Annually - the first credit report is to be issued free of charge.

The cost of each subsequent credit report will be 200 kgs (soms).

Customers’ service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17: 00 p.m., lunch from 12:00 to 13: 00 p.m.

You can get the credit report through the Internet in real time. To do this, you must get access to I-CIB services.