“Online- credit report" - a service which allows SCH ( subjects of credit history) through the Internet in real time to obtain a credit report containing information on its payment behavior by past and current credit obligations. A credit report can be used to obtain a loan from a bank or other financial institution, in the liquidation process of the legal entity or a private entrepreneur, traveling abroad, employment, and on other occasions. «Online- credit report " is considered valid when printing directly to the office of the Bank / MFO / CU at the moment of SCH loan application. In other cases, the report can be printed in any convenient place, but only prior to requirements.
“Online- credit history" - a service that allows SCH through the Internet in real-time tracking accuracy and completeness of its credit history in order to avoid inaccuracies and fraud .
“SMS- notification”- a service that notifies SKI via SMS-messages on a mobile phone of any changes occurring in his credit history in real time , as well as a reminder of the pending charges
Attention! Information in the credit report may vary because a process of transmitting / updating data, based on which it is formed, occurs 24 hours a day. In this regard, the credit report is valid only at the time of generation / receipt. Benefits of “Online- credit report / history / SMS- notification”:

  • Reliable protection and confidentiality of your information
  • It is enough to have a computer connected to the Internet
  • Saving time spent on a trip to the Association
  • Access to information on your credit history 24/7
  • Track your credit history in real time for completeness and correctness
  • SMS notification of any changes in credit history and pending payments

In order to start using the services you need:
1. In the browser address bar enter http://online.ishenim.kg 2. In the next page enter the appropriate information in the fields "Username" and "Password" When you start, for your safety the system prompts you to change your password, after a successful password change it will take you to the main page. 3. Wait for notification from the Association about activating your account, which will come to your email address or via SMS to your mobile phone. 4. Payment for services can be made through payment terminals net "Mobilnik" by entering your personal account number or directly in the office Association. You can check your personal account number on the website of Association (http://online.ishenim.kg) logging into your personal account with your username and password.
Prices for services: Prices are inclusive of all taxes and valid from January 1, 2014 .

For individuals

Service Prices ( KGS ) *
«Online- Credit Report» 50 soms per 1
«Online- credit history» (5 SMS included into service) 100 som subscription fee per month (unlimited access)
«SMS- notification» 30 soms subscription fee per month.

For legal entities

Service Prices ( KGS ) *
«Online- Credit Report» 100 soms per 1
«Online- credit history» (5 SMS included into service) 200 som subscription fee per month (unlimited access)
«SMS- notification» 30 soms subscription fee per month.

The procedure for obtaining a PIN envelope needed just once, then you can request an unlimited number of times your credit report and track your credit history by paying only the cost of the service. In case of data lost you must receive a pin envelope again, because the password cannot be recovered. For further questions please contact us at the following address: Bishkek street . Ibraimova 115, 5th Floor , Phone: (312 ) 69-00-65, E-mail: office@ishenim.kg; website : www.ishenim.kg